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Search 300 million semiconductors, passives & electromechanical components for cross references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence forecasts, regulation compliance & inventory data.

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Scrub and manage Bill of Materials in one centralized location, populated with SiliconExpert data. Run detailed reports and receive email alerts when updates occur for components in your BOMs.

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SiliconExpert Web Services

Take any data from SiliconExpert's component database and access it through consistent web service feeds. Use feeds to validate part numbers, populate parametric data and even grab crosses.

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Northrop Grumman Corporation
See how Northrop Grumman Corporation has utilized SiliconExpert’s Part Search and Bill-of-Materials management tools to reduce complexity and costs and make better component selection decisions.

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If it weren't for SiliconExpert's tools, we would still be living in the stone age ...
John Starr
Intermec, Inc.
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