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Infographic: 7 Best Practices for Evaluating Cross References
SiliconExpert helps thousands of engineers make component selection decisions everyday. Here is an infographic on seven best practices to consider before selecting an alternative component to solve an immediate obsolescence or supply chain issue.
REACH Compliance and Growth in the Electronics Industry in 2014
Find out how REACH has affected the electronics industry as of August 2014. SiliconExpert's new REACH infographic takes a look at REACH’s compliance and growth in the past year, the percentage of components and manufacturers publish information, top product lines containing SVHCs and the additions SVHCs in this past year. By the time next year, ECHA projects 172 new SVHC additions. See what defines a substance on the SIN lists. Also, new in our 2014 REACH infographic are Authorized substances.
Infographic on SiliconExpert's Module: BOM Grading
Analyze and grade your Bill of Materials on the risk factors that matter. SiliconExpert evaluates your BOM by flagging high risk parts on four different risk factors: lifecycle, inventory, environmental, multi-sourcing, so you know where to concentrate your mitigation factors. Also, see how to enhance your BOM Grades with SiliconExpert's BOM Grading module.
RoHS2 in the Electronics Industry
RoHS2 or the RoHS Recast was drafted in 2008 and took effect on January 2, 2013. The RoHS2 directive still restricts the usage of six hazardous substances to electrical and electronic equipment. The revision added three categories of products with expiration dates. Most importantly, RoHS2 requires manufacturers to CE-mark their products. Manufacturers must provide declaration of conformity before CE-marking their product.
Acquisitions in the Electronics Industry in 2013
This infographic features 258 company acquisitions classified as full, partial, mergers, spin-offs or brand acquisitions made public in 2013. See which companies were acquired, when these acquisitions happened, and who acquired the most companies. Also, gain insight on some of the featured acquisitions of 2013.
Over 350,000 parts became obsolete last year - were you aware of them?
Over 350,000 electronic parts went obsolete in 2013. Some parts went obsolete without a PCN association. Be proactive in fighting obsolescence and learn how SiliconExpert can help detect, mitigate, and avoid risks of your components going obsolete.
Conflict Mineral Reporting Deadline Approaching
Conflict mineral reporting is due on May 31st 2014 for the 2013 calendar year. Find out how much the conflict mineral SEC regulations has impacted the electronics industry, what documentations suppliers use to report on conflict minerals and how many parts and suppliers are conflict mineral free. This infographic will deep dive into which product categories are affected by the conflict mineral regulation, how many parts contain the 3TG minerals and how many of those 3TG minerals are actually conflict free.
European Union Proposes a Conflict Mineral Regulation
SiliconExpert explores the new proposed European Union conflict mineral regulation. Should European and global companies expect the same pressure to report conflict mineral status as from Section 1502 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act?
Trends of New Electronic Products Introduced in 2013
Find out how many electronic parts were introduced to the market in the last year with our trends of NPI (new products introduced) infographic. Our representation takes complied data from 2013 to focus on specific product types including the main categories of parts, product categories, and even product lines that were introduced.
Why every component engineer should have a component database in their arsenal of tools
Find out why every component engineer needs a component database instead of relying on Google and other traditional search engines. In this blog post, we will explore some of the four basic needs of component engineers and how SiliconExpert can help component engineers tackle these issues.
Supply Chain: Counterfeit Incidents & Sporadic Lifecycle Changes in the Electronics Industry
This representation will analyze counterfeit and lifecycle trends, two of the major and many aspects that affect the supply chain in the electronics industry. Find out which product types have been most susceptible to counterfeiting and the link between obsolescence and counterfeit parts. Next, look at lifecycle trends discussing when parts are obsoleted, whether or not they are obsoleted with a PCN, and what percentage of PCNs have immediate last order dates associated with them.
How SiliconExpert Solves Obsolescence Issues for Aerospace & Defense OEMs
Find out how SiliconExpert can help Aerospace and Defense OEMs solve obsolescence issues. In this blog post, SiliconExpert will explore features that help engineers be proactive and prepare for lifecycle changes in the electronics industry.
REACH 2013: Compliance and Growth in the Electronics Industry
Find out more about the direction of REACH in the electronics industry as of August 2013. Our representation takes a look at REACH’s compliance and growth; the infographic demonstrates the percentage of suppliers who publish information, how many parts are affected by unpublished information, top product lines containing SVHCs, and some future projections assessing which product categories are potentially at the most risk. Our 2012 infographic projected 50 potential SVHCs to be added to the list by December, and a very close 54 SVHCs were added; this year there are a total of 162 potential SVHCs in the registry of intentions.
From Data to Intelligence: How SiliconExpert Engineers Obtain and Maintain the Highest Quality Electronic Component Data in the Electronics Industry
Get an inside look on how our 350+ engineers stay dedicated to and focused on providing the highest quality component data in the Electronics Industry. Our SiliconExpert database empowers leading OEMs in the industry with comprehensive & up to date data on over 250 million components.
RoHS Transitioning to RoHS2: Compliance, Exemptions & Impact in the Electronics Industry
Take a look at the current state of RoHS in the electronics industry and understand the main intentions and outcomes of the RoHS2 recast. Find out more about RoHS component compliance, the product categories most affected, and the timeline of when parts were introduced with their subsequent compliance. Next, we look into the RoHS2 Directive, which was transposed to law January 2, 2013, and speak to the overall outcomes, changes and expansions of the directive's recast.