SiliconExpert BOM Manager™

Bill of Materials Management Simplified
SiliconExpert BOM Manager
Scrub and manage Bill of Materials in one centralized location. Sync latest data from SiliconExpert's database for uploaded components. Run dynamic data reports for thousands of components in seconds & receive email alerts when data updates occur. Evaluate the health of your BOM, highlight troubled parts, and take immediate action.

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SiliconExpert BOM Manager - Product Overview

SiliconExpert's BOM Manager™ tool scrubs & manages your BOMs in one centralized location. The tool automatically corrects incorrect manufacturer names and part numbers, accounts for acquisitions between manufacturers and populates the latest component data from SiliconExpert's database. The row integrity of each BOM is maintained to allow easy export to Microsoft Excel or a number of other formats. Manual updates to BOMs may be made through an easy to use interface. Reports for thousands of components run instantaneously for data such as BOM Health, Lifecycle statuses, Multi-sourcing, Regulation compliance, Component selection risk and inventory availability from authorized distributors. In addition, email alerts are sent to your inbox whenever datasheets, PCN or lifecycle statuses get changed for components in your bill of materials. The BOM Manager includes access to SiliconExpert's Part Search tool.

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Automatically Scrub BOMs
Scrub old & incorrect data for thousands of components in bulk. Clean data leads to intelligent data

Automatically scrub BOMs
Receive Email Alerts for Updates
Email alerts notify users when PCNs, Datasheets & Lifecycle updates occur for parts in BOMs
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Run Dynamic Data Reports
Slice and dice component data with intuitive reports for unique insights into uploaded BOMs
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Data In - Data Out
Manage BOMs in the tool or export all related data & reports to Excel, CSV, XML files

The scrubbing process for the average size BOM used to take us several hours to complete. We’re now able to scrub and normalize the BOMs to our formats in a matter of minutes
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