SiliconExpert Technologies

SiliconExpert provides electronic parts data to the electronics industry

SiliconExpert is the leading data provider of electronic component data to the electronics industry. We provide OEMs, EMSs, Distributors and Component Manufacturers with the most accurate data and sophisticated tools for electronic component management.

The only data source you need

SiliconExpert's database contains over 250+ million electronic parts covering hundreds of product lines, across thousands of component manufacturers. Traditional methods of searching for parts and cross references through Google and similar search engines can be a daunting task. This is why users keep coming back to our electronic vertical search engine & tools to instantly find all the relevant part information they need to get the job done.

How we acquire electronic parts data

SiliconExpert maintains direct relationships with top component manufacturers to receive direct feeds of their product data. In addition to these relationships, our web crawlers and data acquisition tools keep our electronic parts database up to date. Once data has been acquired, we normalize all product information across thousands of component manufacturers to allow easy access to parametric, lifecycle, dimensional, environmental compliance, datasheets, PCNs and package data.