White Papers
Transitioning from RoHS to RoHS2: The current state of RoHS in the Electronics Industry
Industry white paper exploring the transition from the European RoHS Directive to the RoHS2 Directive and the additional requirements set to roll out in the next several years.
The 5 Biggest Pitfalls of Managing Electronic Part Data In-House
A White Paper on the top five pitfalls of Managing Electronic Part Data In-House and the benefits of using third party tools instead.
Electronic Part Selection: How SiliconExpert helps you make better Electronic Part Selection decisions
White Paper exploring the problems with improper part selection and the solutions from SiliconExpert that enable optimal part selection.
The Counterfeit Conundrum: 5 Best Practices for Mitigating Counterfeit Issues in the Electronics Industry
Industry white paper highlighting proven strategies to limit the impact of counterfeiting issues in the electronics manufacturing industry.
Putting the Brakes on Excel: Why the Electronics Manufacturing Industry Must Embrace BOM Management Tools
A case for organizations to transition from using simple spreadsheets to more robust BOM management tools for managing component data.
Proactive vs. Reactive Approaches to Obsolescence Management
A case for proactive obsolescence management using lifecycle forecasting algorithms from independent component databases.
Understanding RoHS and REACH: Impacts on your Global Markets
An overview of two important environmental regulations, their impacts on the global electronics industry and upcoming legislation changes.
The Case for Vertical Search in the Electronics Industry
Why Google & similar web search engines fail to understand the needs of the Electronics industry in comparison to vertical search engines.
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