Why every component engineer should have a component database in their arsenal of tools
 Why Every Component Engineers need a Component Database

Imagine a firefighter confronting a blazing building armed with nothing but a spatula. Or a plumber trying to unclog a drain with an umbrella. Or a five star chef chopping onions with a paper clip.

Now imagine a component engineer using free search engines and spreadsheets to research, choose, and manage electronic components.

Every profession requires a specialized, unique set of tools. Our plumber could be the most gifted plumber on earth, but he still won’t get far with that umbrella. Component engineers are no different. Without the right tools, talent will only take you so far.

Many component engineers rely on traditional search engines to research electronic component data. While traditional search engines are sometimes useful for finding obscure documentation, they lack the context and depth of vertical search engines that specialize in searching for data on electronic components.

Over the past few years, a number of free electronic component search tools have emerged. While these do typically offer better data than traditional search engines, you ultimately get what you pay for. These tools are known for offering up incomplete, out-of-date, or just flat out incorrect information.

To be a successful component engineer, you need the right tool. One that’s built specifically for electronic component data. One that’s meticulously updated to ensure the data is as correct and complete as possible. You need a tool like SiliconExpert’s Part Search™.

Let’s take a look at four specific problems component engineers face and how SiliconExpert’s Part Search tool addresses those problems:

1. Component Selection

When choosing an electronic component for a design, you need to ensure you’ve selected a part that’s high-quality, high-tech, and fits within your design budget. You also have to be mindful of AML/AVL approved manufacturers , regulation compliance (REACH, RoHS, Conflict Minerals, etc,), market availability, and many other factors.

SiliconExpert's Part Search™ makes choosing the right electronic component easier, enabling users to parametrically search and cross-reference over 300 million electronic parts. Powerful search and sort capabilities allow you to select up to 42 attributes per product type for hundreds of categories. You’ll easily compare electronic components and gain an in-depth look into lifecycle statuses, multi-sourcing, market availability, and regulation compliance data.

2. Finding Documentation

Locating up-to-date and historical documentation such as PCNs and alerts, datasheets, material declarations, and EICC documentation can be a serious hassle.

SiliconExpert’s Part Search offers historical and current data for over 300 million electronic components. Our engineering staff of 400+ employees works tirelessly to ensure that our data is as current and complete as possible.

3. Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence management is an ongoing, highly-engaging task for every component engineer. Failure to properly manage obsolescence issues can have disastrous consequences, threatening the integrity of end products and bringing manufacturing to a halt. Unfortunately, obtaining accurate end-of-life forecasts for electronic components is difficult and highly prone to errors.

With SiliconExpert’s Part Search, risky electronic components are easy to identify and avoid. SiliconExpert provides reliable, proven obsolescence forecasts, giving you full visibility into an electronic component’s expected lifespan before you buy. SiliconExpert has created its lifecycle forecast algorithms in collaboration with the University of Maryland’s Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering, a highly reputable systems research center focused on electronics reliability.

4. Finding Alternatives

When one of your electronic components inevitably does become obsolete, finding a suitable cross is often cumbersome. You’ll have to sift through mountains of data and visit several competing manufacturer websites to find the crosses you need.

SiliconExpert’s Part Search provides form-fit-function cross data for millions of electronic components from over 15,000 manufacturers. Crosses are easy to identify even before the electronic component becomes obsolete, as cross data and number of crosses are accessible upfront. Whether your search for crosses is reactive, proactive, or some combination of the two, SiliconExpert makes it easy.

It’s time to stop fighting fires with spatulas. Component engineers need component engineering tools. And there’s no component engineering tool more intuitive or powerful than SiliconExpert’s Part Search.

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SiliconExpert’s Part Search™ tool lets users search over 300 Million electronic components including semiconductors, passives & electromechanical parts for part information such as obsolescence forecasts. Make intelligent component selection decisions by using SiliconExpert’s estimated part status, years to EOL and estimated EOL date data points to determine when a part will go obsolete.

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