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The Power of SiliconExpert Data in Your Native Tools

Get access comprehensive electronic and mechanical component data in your own engineering solutions including PLM, ERP, design, or CAD tools.  With SiliconExpert’s API, you can improve business agility by responding faster to changing marketing conditions, pave the way for automation while also extending the long-term viability of your product.

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SiliconExpert API Illustration blue bubble

What's inside SiliconExpert's API

SiliconExpert's API Solutions Can Connect to Your Existing Engineering Solutions with Our Up-To-Date Data Feeds

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Allow SiliconExpert to Customize an API Plan Tailored to Your Business, Your Needs, and Your Budget.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Should I use a web service like P5 or a direct API?
What does it mean to be per part and not per query for the quota?
How do I check what's left in my quota during my contract term?

API Documentation

SiliconExpert’s web services provide a software interface to SiliconExpert’s comprehensive database and tools, and allow integration with customer websites, PLM, design or CAD tools.

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