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BOM Validation

This operation is used to scrub uploaded parts which customer send as request parameters.

URL format: ProductAPI/bom/getBOMValidation?


Mandatory parameters

bomData: this is a JSON array of BOM data.  Each BOM data object contains the below fields:

  • UploadedPartNumber: Part number.
  • UploadedManufacturer: Manufacturer.

Optional parameters

  • fmt: Format of the response (JSON or XML) default is JSON.


  • ComID: SE COM_ID.
  • UploadedPartNumber: Uploaded part.
  • SEPartNumber: The validated part number
  • SEManufacturer: The validated manufacturer.
  • UploadedManufacturer: Uploaded Manufacturer.
  • ManufacturerId: Manufacturer ID.
  • MatchCode: Match Code used to identify Similar parts (Similar Parts step).
  • MatchStatus: Match Status.
  • SimilarCount: Similar Count.
  • Description: Validated part description (In case of exact match status).
  • LifeCycle: Validated part lifecycle (In case of exact match status).
  • ROHS: Validated part RoHs (In case of exact match status).
  • RoHSVersion: Validated part RoHS version (In case of exact match status).
  • PartMatchStatus: A summary of match statistics counts (Value/Count).

Sample request

Example of a bav9 which will match similar parts not exact part.

<a href="https://api.siliconexpert.com/ProductAPI/bom/getBOMValidation?bomData=[{%22UploadedPartNumber%22:%22bav9%22,%22UploadedManufacturer%22:%22rohm%22}]">https://api.siliconexpert.com/ProductAPI/bom/getBOMValidation?bomData=[{"UploadedPartNumber":"bav9","UploadedManufacturer":"rohm"}]</a>

Example of bav99/rohm which will match an exact part.

<a href="https://api.siliconexpert.com/ProductAPI/bom/getBOMValidation?bomData=[{%22UploadedPartNumber%22:%22bav99%22,%22UploadedManufacturer%22:%22rohm%22}]">https://api.siliconexpert.com/ProductAPI/bom/getBOMValidation?bomData=[{"UploadedPartNumber":"bav99","UploadedManufacturer":"rohm"}]</a>
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