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CPN Search

CPN Search Body

Search in customer CPN and returns customer data : You can search by CPN exact to get uploaded customer data.

URL format: ProductAPI/search/ CPNSearch?


Mandatory parameters

  • cpns: List of customer predefined CPNs. Allows to filter by CPN “cpn” as a mandatory filter and MPN “mpn” as an optional filter.

Optional parameters

  • pageNumber: Specifies the number of the requested page, the first page is the default.
  • pageSize: Specifies the size of results per page, the default is 50 parts per page.
  • fmt: format of the response (JSON OR XML) default is JSON


  • COM_ID: SE component ID.
  • CPN: Customer predfined CPN.
  • MPN: MPN.
  • Supplier: Supplier.

Sample request

Search by CPN only

Search by CPN and extra MPN filter

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