AMSYS Proactive Obsolescence Case Management – A Recipe for Success

By: SiliconExpert on November 17th, 2020

The best recipes can be undone by using underwhelming ingredients.  The converse is also true.  The best ingredients are left wanting when there is no recipe to bring them together.  SiliconExpert and AMSYS have teamed up to provide an appetizing solution for obsolescence management.  SiliconExpert provides the data (premium ingredients) while AMSYS brings the process (exquisite recipe).

Standards such as IEC62402:2019 do a good job of providing clear structures that serve to reduce duplication of effort and processing costs.  These act as a higher-level framework.  In practice, everyone has a process of dealing with obsolescence.  AMSYS adheres to obsolescence standards and enhances them with best practices that they have learned from years of experience.  Obsolescence cases are handled efficiently. Each party involved knows exactly when and how to implement something so that a predetermined result is achieved with consistent quality. Steps are documented in the cases to reduce lead times, guarantee full transparency of processes and greater team satisfaction through improved collaboration. Each step is tracked with comments for full traceability. With different user role rights, customers can also achieve adherence to their individual process whilst ensuring data constancy.

What sets this solution apart is having experts like Bjoern Bartels, Managing Director at AMSYS, customize case management for your organization.  It’s like having your own personal chef who understands your dietary requirements and comes up with the perfect meal.  The AMSYS Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client can provide customized processes for organizations to manage the risk of obsolescence.  Bjoern is fond of talking about the two components of risk: likelihood and impact.  The AMSYS LCM Client combines the two to assess and manage risk.  Alerts warn of upcoming risks, providing the opportunity to proactively manage obsolescence.  Cases are opened and the process is followed.

The best chefs know where to get the best ingredients and AMSYS goes to SiliconExpert for obsolescence information.  Bjoern says, “Beyond obsolescence status information, including life cycle forecasts, environmental coverage, and possible replacements, I feel that SiliconExpert data teams put a tremendous amount of effort in not only component coverage but also the quality of data.”  AMSYS takes advantage of programmatic access to the SiliconExpert data so that customers can get the information they need, natively, in the LCM Client.

See how our two companies have come together to offer this delectable solution by registering for our webinar.  Bjoern is joined by Vern Densler, Senior Technical Fellow at SiliconExpert, and Oliver Hoffman, EMEA Director at SiliconExpert to demonstrate our partnership.


Date: Wednesday, November 18, 2020
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