List of Companies Ending Their Business with Russia

By: SiliconExpert on June 3rd, 2022

Under pressure from investors and consumers, a growing number of companies are unwinding their investments within Russia: closing stores, pausing sales and services, temporarily cutting ties, or suspending shipments.  

Here’s a look at some companies from various electronics, automotive, and tech industries that have suspended, stopped sales or other services in Russia: 

Company Action Industry 
Amazon Suspended shipments of all retail products to Russia and Belarus. Suspended access to Prime Video in Russia. Amazon Web Services stopped accepting new customers for cloud computing services.Technology 
Ball Corporation Exited the Russian market Materials 
Siemens Exited the Russian market Manufacturing 
AMD Suspended all sales to Russia Manufacturing 
Analog Devices Suspended all sales to Russia Manufacturing 
Honeywell Suspended all sales to Russia Manufacturing 
Microsoft Suspended all sales to Russia Technology 
Nvidia Suspended all sales to Russia Manufacturing 
Samsung Suspended all sales to Russia Manufacturing 
Volvo Suspended all sales to Russia Automotive 
Apple Suspended both shipments to and business with Russia Technology 
Infineon Suspended both shipments to and business with Russia Manufacturing 
NXP Semiconductors Suspended both shipments to and business with Russia Manufacturing 
BMW Suspended Operations in Russia Automotive 
3M Suspended Operations in Russia Manufacturing 
FMC Corporation Suspended Operations in Russia Materials 
Ford Suspended Operations in Russia Automotive 
General Motors Suspended Operations in Russia Automotive 
Henkel Suspended Operations in Russia Materials 
IBM Suspended Operations in Russia Technology 
Intel Suspended Operations in Russia Technology 
Renault Suspended Operations in Russia Automotive 
Stellantis (Includes Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, Opel, Peugeot)Suspended Operations in Russia Automotive 


Monitor Geopolitical Events Contributing to Supply Chain Risk 

It is important to maintain a close eye on manufacturers and businesses as they respond to events that may impact the global economy. In this case, if your business is sourcing a product within Russia from any of these listed companies, it is likely that the stock will become unavailable, and you will have to reroute your supply chain elsewhere. By staying ahead of these announcements, supply chain managers can react faster and find solutions before the eventual impact is felt.  

SiliconExpert’s P5 Supply Chain Risk Management tool not only monitors critical events around the globe, but also provides predictive intelligence on pricing, lead time, and inventory.

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