Eliminating Component Data Silos – How to Enable a Company-Wide Component Data Platform

By: SiliconExpert on August 6th, 2020

Every day, your products are designed, manufactured, and shipped to your customers. In the background, the electronic components that drive those products are playing a major part in your success or failure. 

From functionality, to cost, form factor, and delivery, choosing the right components upfront in accordance with your overall business and product objectives is critical. 

All your innovation, planning, and careful design can be quickly undone by a single piece of silicon. 

What is the value of the integration of SiliconExpert Connect in CAD tools? Engineers and designers have instant access to complete BOM Risk Assessments. Integrated into EMA Design Automation’s OrCAD environment is SiliconExpert’s visualization plugin. It enables immediate BOM Grading and BOM Risk insights with a simple click of a button. High-risk parts can be quickly identified, along with information on alternate part recommendations with matching form, fit, and function. Full Parametric Search of a database of over one billion parts without ever having to switch programs.SE Connect provides essential data to avoid unplanned costs due to component obsolescence and supply chain disruptions, as well as assisting with compliance regulation assistance and counterfeit risk avoidance.

Find out more by joining EMA Design Automation and SiliconExpert to learn how component data is used throughout the organization from design, to purchasing, and manufacturing. Our experts will walk you through the key stakeholders and show you how to avoid common (preventable) issues that occur when your component data is not available to all stakeholders.

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