Good Luck to the MIT Hyperloop II Team at this year’s Hyperloop International Finals

By: SiliconExpert on July 15th, 2019


For the last four years SpaceX has held an annual worldwide competition to design a vehicle that can whisk passengers through a vaccum tunnel.  This tunnel is to serve as a tube carrying a friction-less vehicle about 700 miles per hour.

2,000 plus teams apply for this competition, but only 20 teams get selected to compete at the Hyperloop International Finals.  MIT is one of the 20 teams to be selected and will be competing this month. This year’s MIT Hyperloop II team brings an expansive amount of EE, mechanical engineering, and aerospace engineering intellectual property.  With that background, they have  delivered a prototype with an amazing amount of technology, wires, controllers, on board navigation systems, and three different battery systems.  The current MIT prototype is trying to hit 200 miles per hour within the vacuum tunnel.  This vehicle is designed to stop in about 250 meters in five seconds.  That is zero to two hundred miles per hour in 20 seconds!  The eventual goal is to get to 700 miles per hour.

We are proud to be a sponsor of this year’s  MIT Hyperloop II team. Good luck to the team!