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By: SiliconExpert on August 26th, 2019

How Reliable is End-Of-Life Forecasting?

EOL Forecasting and Reliability

Electronic component obsolescence presents challenges to product design that are often costly and have broader impacts to a companies profitability.  In the event of an obsolete part, companies typically fall victim to a high demand and limited market availability situations for replacement parts. In our 2018 PCN report, SiliconExpert found that 28% of product change notices (PCNs) were for part numbers with last time buy dates of “immediately”; meaning that waiting for a PCN may result in a costly re-design.

Check out SiliconExpert’s updated 2019 Years to End of Life Reliability Whitepaper.

In this white paper we review EOL forecasting strategies and results from our 2019 Y-to-EOL algorithm. This report will include:

Solutions for Proactive Obsolescence ManagementEOL Test Methodology2019 Reliability Results

To learn more about EOL Forecasting for more proactive obsolescence management, please contact

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