Malaysia Announces Full Lockdown as COVID-19 Cases Hit a Record High

By: SiliconExpert on June 3rd, 2021

The Prime Minister’s office of Malaysia announced on Friday, May 28, 2021, that the country will be placed on a two-week lockdown starting June 1 through June 14.   The country has reported 8,290 new coronavirus cases.  This makes the fourth straight day of record infections. Total cumulative cases in Malaysia since the onset of the pandemic is now 549,514.

During this two-week lockdown, individuals are generally only allowed to leave their homes to purchase essential items or to seek medical services.  Only 17 essential service sectors will be allowed to operate during this two-week lockdown.  These essential service sectors include healthcare, telecommunications, media, utilities, banking, food and beverage.

Certain segments of the manufacturing sectors can operate with a reduced capacity.  A statement by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry stated, “The manufacturing and manufacturing-related services sectors that are allowed to operate is to ensure minimal disruption to the supply chain of critical parts, components, and finished products.”


How will this affect your supply chain?

SiliconExpert has the data and expertise to help you proactively identify components at risk and gain an in-depth look into their lifecycle statuses, find, and provide alternatives with available inventory from authorized distributors.

In addition, SiliconExpert has our new Supply Chain Module.  In response to a need for insights and forecasted impacts, SiliconExpert has developed a support mechanism that can help customers identify risks in their supply chain. This service combines factors of geo-location and known risks in a proprietary formula to determine the overall supply chain risk score by the supplier and by part number.  This service gives insight as it relates to this event as well as data that can help teams proactively mitigate impacts of future events.

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By Hala Mohamed

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