New database on Candidate List substances under REACH

By: SiliconExpert on May 21st, 2019

Be on the lookout – By the end of 2019, The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) will establish a new database on the presence of hazardous chemicals in articles that contain as be known “Candidate List substances” for waste treatment operators and consumers.

The database will include information submitted by companies producing, importing or selling articles that contain Candidate List substances and companies need to submit this information by the end of 2020.

The database aims to help consumers make informed choices for safer products. This will also increase pressure to substitute substances of concern.  The task is based on the revised waste framework directive that entered into force in July 2018. It is part of the EU’s waste legislation package, contributing to the EU’s circular economy policy

By January  5, 2020, ECHA is expected to establish (IT) tools to allow any EU suppliers of articles to submit the required information to ECHA.

The database has three main objectives:

Decrease hazardous waste generation by supporting the substitution of substances of concern in articles placed on the EU market.Allow authorities to monitor the use of substances of concern in articles and initiate appropriate actions over the whole life cycle of articles.Provide information to further improve waste treatment operations

The information will be available to waste treatment operators and consumers and should help waste operators in treating waste and recycling materials. The goal is to improve the risk management of chemicals during waste recovery and to promote non-toxic material cycles.

The database will support good communication of the supply chain as expected within the REACH framework, where companies should communicate in the supply chain and notify ECHA about the candidate list substances in the articles.

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