New! Supply Chain Risk Management Services

By: SiliconExpert on December 9th, 2020

Keeping pulse on current global, industry and economic conditions – SiliconExpert recognized very early on that the nuances of 2020 from global pandemic, to riots, to acquisitions would have direct impacts on supply chain.  In response to a need for insights and forecasted impacts, SiliconExpert quickly developed a support mechanism that can help customers identify risks in their supply chain. This service combines factors of geo-location and known risks in a proprietary formula to determine the overall supply chain risk score by supplier and by part number. This service gives insight as it relates to this event as well as data that can help teams proactively mitigate impacts of future events.

Through real-time AI and statistically-driven insights, SiliconExpert monitors the location of the part and manufacturer and can quickly determine the impact of current and future global and technological events on a customer’s part library as well as their bill of materials. SiliconExpert offers the following two modules as a comprehensive supply chain suite of forecasting — each one can be purchased separately.

GeoRisk Services

Combines geolocation and known risk factors to see overall supply chain risk scores by manufacturer and part number.

Market Forecast Services

SiliconExpert maintains a database of all materials, commodities, and precious minerals used in electronic and electromechanical components. SiliconExpert uses its vast database to deliver general manufacturer scorecards on lead time, early PCNs, obsolescence and competition, and how these trend over time.

Learn more about SiliconExpert Supply Chain Services via our newly released datasheet.


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