Omicron Spurs Renewed European COVID-19 Restrictions

By: SiliconExpert on January 3rd, 2022

Omicron, the newest COVID-19 variant, is spreading at an unprecedented rate.  With those nations across Europe our renewing and implementing new restrictions to combat the rapid spread. 

This new strain is now the most dominant across the globe. It was first identified in South Africa on 24 November, and by 26 November, it was classified by the WHO as a “Variant of Concern”. The rate at which this variant is spreading is causing many nations to reinstitute early COVID era lockdown restrictions in the hopes of slowing the spread.  

We have compiled a list of European nations who have reported updates to their COVID-19 related restrictions below:  

  • The Netherlands – A lockdown is in effect from December 19, 2021 – January 14, 2022. All non-essential shops and services will be closed. Schools will also be closed until at least January 9.  
  • United Kingdom – The UK is planning to implement a 2-week lockdown after the Christmas Holiday. 
  • Germany – Health Officials are reinforcing the importance of mandatory vaccinations, as well as requiring a 10-day quarantine of any unvaccinated individuals entering the country from “high-risk” areas. 
  • Denmark – Entertainment venues including theatres, concert halls, amusement parks, and art galleries are closed, along with a restaurant curfew of 23:00 being put in place.  
  • Ireland – A curfew of 8pm has been issued for all restaurants and pubs. Indoor events will also have their capacity reduced. 
  • France – French officials have urged individuals to maintain small circles for the holidays while encouraging testing. Additionally, nightclubs across the country were closed on December 10 for a 4-week period. 
  • Poland – Vaccinations have been made mandatory for all health-care workers, teachers, police, military, and firefighters. Entertainment venues including nightclubs, restaurants, and theatres will be required to operate at a reduced capacity. Public transportation has also been reduced to 75% capacity. 
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