More Reporting Capabilities and Parametric Cross Search UX Improvements

By: SiliconExpert on August 2nd, 2021

Major P5 Platform Release

Calling all customers – new project-based reporting and enhanced UX experience when finding crosses through parametric.

SiliconExpert is committed to our user experience, and with that we continue to deliver better performance and easy navigation. Check out (if you haven’t already noticed) our latest enhancements.

Updates include but not limited to:

  • Enhanced to allow direct access to the parametric search with the original part pinned on the top of the result to select the best alternative
  • Generating reports on multiple BOMs is now available through selecting the desired BOMs and clicking the generate report button
  • Summary, RoHS and MPN Risk Analysis reports are now available
  • Password-protected BOMs: the users are not required to type the password every time accessing the BOM as long as they don’t log out
  • EIA-724 Code has been added to the BOM Export.
  • ACL CPN column is configured not to show until the ACL data is loaded


To learn more please read the latest release notes:



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