Electronic Design Webinar

A February 26th Electronic Design-hosted live webinar sponsored by SiliconExpert Technologies

Date:  Wednesday, February 26, 2020    
Time:  2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time    
Sponsor: SiliconExpert Technologies
Duration: 30 Minutes


In 2020, OEMs face an increasing number of unpredictable factors that put production schedules, order fulfillment and customer satisfaction at risk. Volatile Chinese tariffs, component obsolescence, counterfeit parts, delays in component lead times, and more can impact the development, procurement and delivery stages of every product in development and production. Are you tired of spending millions to re-design and requalify parts due to supply chain disruptions? Then you’re ready to take the Product Lifecycle Challenge. 

In this webinar, we will discuss how you can:

  • Design and maintain sustainable products
  • Make informed parts selection decisions
  • Avoid obsolescence risk
  • Ensure compliance with environmental and governmental legislations
  • Make smarter decisions based on multi-sourcing and available inventory
  • Cross-reference components for form, fit, and function across 15,000 suppliers
  • Create a parts management program that anticipates disruption in the supply chain
  • Deploy Business Intelligence-as-a Service

Most importantly, you’ll learn the tools and techniques some manufacturers use to save an average of $600,000 each year by reclaiming lost man-hours, mitigating production delays, and avoiding product re-designs. 

Speaker: Vernon R Densler, Sr. Product Manager, SiliconExpert Technologies, Inc.

Vernon Densler is a Senior Product Manager at SiliconExpert. He has been with SiliconExpert since 2018 and previously spent 18 years at Northrop Grumman as both a Systems Engineer and Manager in charge of Obsolescence Management and Spares & Repairs. Vernon holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, Management from Florida Institute of Technology. Vernon frequently speaks at industry events and symposiums, where he is able to use his experience in the Parts Management field to assist in furthering best practices and the Parts Management discipline.

February 20, 2020 by Electronic Design