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By: SiliconExpert on July 18th, 2023


Amidst the uncertainty of the modern supply chain and its unprecedented level of disruptions, OEMs have been searching for a deeper understanding of risk in their supply chains. And yet, if you are that OEM, what you really want to know goes beyond level of risk. The real question is: How much resilience do you have, and how can you monitor it? Unfortunately, resilience has always been something impossible to reliably quantify– At least, it used to be.


Introducing: Resilience Rating   

Resilience Rating, the newest addition to our Supply Chain Solutions, is a powerful algorithm providing holistic predictive intelligence that empowers organizations to proactively anticipate, adapt, and strategically avoid disruptions. It provides a comprehensive risk assessment tailored to your unique supply chain by employing a weighting system that leverages a wealth of SiliconExpert data to drive proactive supply chain strategies 

Proactive Resilience Strategies 

With a holistic view of parts across Bills of Material (BOMs), Resilience Rating allows you to prioritize strategic actions based on the potential risk impact, so you can systematically strengthen resilience across your entire supply chain. By proactively addressing these known risk factors, you not only gain a competitive edge and minimize costly disruptions, but you also acquire the ability to then track and measure your resilience as it improves over time, witnessing and documenting the tangible results of your proactive approach. 


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Resilience Ratingis poised to redefine the way you navigate disruptions, ensuring your organization’s enduring success. Learn how, more about how the tool works, and more by reading Drive Proactive Supply Chain Resilience Strategies: Advanced Risk Analytics In The Age Of Uncertainty.” 

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