You Don’t Have to Be a Data Scientist for Data Driven Business Planning

By: SiliconExpert on June 21st, 2022

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When driving business decisions, it is important to use real data and not resort to a guessing game. Given today’s market volatility, false predictions can put you and your company at serious risk. Correct data, analytics, and insights can help you choose the path of least resistance and optimize profitability.

You Need Business Intelligence For:
  • Visual Story Telling
  • Comprehensive View of Your Business
  • Making Decisions More Quickly and Confidently
  • Being More Productive
  • Pivoting Priorities Easily
  • Capturing Market SHare Over Your Competitors

Today, collecting data is standard operating procedure. But how do you consume and analyze that data to uncover the critical insights needed to drive your business forward?

Typically, a company will hire a data scientist to process massive amounts of raw data. The data scientist may not have a sense of the business goals and revenue-drivers, requiring multiple meetings with business managers to understand what they need. Once the data scientist completes the dashboards, the result may not be helpful towards making business decisions.

However, with SiliconExpert’s Business Intelligence Solutions dashboards, your raw data will be automatically assembled into trends, important component data, and more. With the right business intelligence tools and dashboards, you can make smarter decisions, mitigate risks, and help your business become more relevant and profitable.


SiliconExpert Business Intelligence Solutions


SiliconExpert analytic dashboards take the data specific to the components you are managing within your supply chain and deliver structure trends and insights through revealed patterns, correlations, and cause-and-effect relationships.

Drive Efficiency, Sustainment, and Growth

SiliconExpert Business Intelligence delivers on:

  • Cost-saving visibility across all business units
    • e., If two business units are using the same part, then there is an opportunity to consolidate and purchase from one supplier, resulting in volume cost savings.
    • e., If two business units are using very similar parts, there is an opportunity to cross-reference, reduce the size of your corporate parts library and avoid the unnecessary and costly expansion of it through parts re-use, vendor consolidation, and aggregate-on-spend strategic sourcing, and help with cost savings.
  • Component visibility to help with risk mitigation
    • Single part use across multiple business units allows you one-time risk mitigation
  • The ability to build and manage a master approved components list
    • Ease of managing better lifetime buys, finding alternate parts, etc.
  • Custom training for your team
    • Giving you a pencil doesn’t make you Picasso. Our training helps you draw conclusions from the data.

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