New!  SiliconExpert Custom Data As-A-Service Offering

Imagine a high level dashboard with all the insights and analytics related to your organization’s entire part library.  Imagine having:

  • Visibility across all business units for cost-saving purposes.
  • If two business units are using the same part, then there is an opportunity to consolidate and purchase from one supplier, resulting in volume cost savings.
  • If two business units are using very similar parts, there is an opportunity to cross-reference, and reduce the size of your corporate parts library and avoid the unnecessary and costly expansion of it through parts re-use, vendor consolidation, and aggregate-on-spend strategic sourcing, and also help with cost savings.
  • Component visibility across all business units allows for efficiencies in risk mitigation:
  • When multiple business units are using the same part, it is best to do risk mitigation only once.
  • This reveals opportunities for better lifetime buys, finding alternate parts, etc.


SiliconExpert makes this a reality with our new data-a-a-service offering.

Click here to learn more by downloading our new data sheet on SiliconExpert Data-As-A-Service.