Stay Informed, Stay Compliant

By: SiliconExpert on May 19th, 2021

The challenge posed by environmental regulations is that standards evolve continuously. Navigating these environmental regulations requires meticulous research, record-keeping and vigilance.


Why Compliance is Important?

Compliance law materialized to create parity in the marketplace and provide consumers a sense of security. Compliance enables enterprises to prosper ethically and lay the foundation of their reputation.

Did you know that SiliconExpert has a complete suite of compliance management solutions to keep your organization in the know and in compliance?

Check out our latest overview of the SiliconExpert compliance module.

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SiliconExpert delivers up to date information and reports on regulatory compliance for  REACH, ROHS, Packaging, Chemical Substances, Prop65, Conflict Minerals, plus 20 additional regulations and attributes pertaining to compliance including Rare Earth Minerals, WEEE, Halogen Free, Lead Free Status, China RoHS, and more.

From comprehensive part number details, to proactive alerts, to customized customer roll up reporting – SiliconExpert has a service to enable your team and your business for staying compliant.

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