Tracking U.S. Tornadoes’ Effect on Supply Chain

By: SiliconExpert on December 15th, 2021

Tornadoes swept across the Midwest US this week, causing fatalities and massive destruction on key manufacturing hubs, including General Motors, Amazon, Toyota, and FedEx. 

The death toll rose to 74 in Kentucky this week, following a series of fatal tornadoes that hit multiple US states including Kentucky, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas and Missouri. These storms also impacted major US manufacturing and distribution plants, causing delays in shipment of Amazon and FedEx goods as well as disruptions in automobile production. 

We’ve put together a list of businesses reporting damage and disruptions that impact global electronics supply chain below.  

  • General Motors Co. halted production of the Chevrolet Corvette at its Bowling Green, KY Assembly plant to repair damages caused by a fire caused by the tornadoes.
  • Amazon distribution center in Edwardsville, IL suffered damage by having its roof ripped and causing 11-inch-thick concrete walls to collapse on themselves, killing six people. 
  • FedEx reported damage to its logistics hub in Memphis, Tennessee. 
  • Toyota Motor largest North American plant is located in KY. No damage has yet to be reported, but that the company was still assessing any impact on its supply chain. 

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