Two New Substances added to California Proposition 65

By: Laura Michael on May 2nd, 2023

On April 21, 2023, the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) has provided an updated list of substances on California’s Proposition 65 list.   

Under Proposition 65, businesses are required to place clear warning labels on products and locations that may contain those harmful chemicals, as well as maintain knowledge of any and all substances that are utilized in their products. 

Below is a list of the new substances that have been added to Prop 65.  

Substances NameType of ToxicityCommon UsesCAS No.Date Listed
Leucomalachite green CancerTextile Dyes & Stains, Fungicide, Parasiticide 129-73-721-Apr-23
1-Butyl glycidyl etherCancerSolvent used in household cleaning products 71-55-621-Apr-23

How to Stay Compliant with New Regulations 

Non-compliant products could lead to fines as high as $2,500 per violation per day. Companies must provide proper notification to the public on the steps taken towards compliance. 

Staying on top of materials compliance requires a lot of research just to find data on what materials are being used, from looking at supplier PCNs, full material declaration reports, manufacturing reports on plating finishes, and making sure these documents are the latest issued by the chip manufacturer. 

To help manufacturers gather compliance information quickly and efficiently, SiliconExpert has developed a dashboard and downloadable reports which monitors 24 global environmental compliance regulations, including California Proposition 65. To learn more about SiliconExpert’s Compliance Management tool and get first-hand access, sign up for a free trial today! 

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Contributing Author/Researcher: Ahmed Abdel Naby, Team Lead of R&D, SiliconExpert

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