UKCA Marking Deadline Updates

By: SiliconExpert on December 12th, 2022

UKCA vs. CE markings

The United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union impacts goods manufactured and imported into Europe. Historically the “CE” marking was required on commercial products to affirm the product’s conformity with European health, safety and environmental protection standards. However, after the UK’s exit from the EU, the UK Conformity Assessed (UKCA) marking was created.


When does UKCA become effective?

The UKCA marking replaced the CE marking in the United Kingdom on January 1, 2021 requiring products to have the UKCA mark in order to be sold in the UK. To give businesses enough time to adjust to the new UCKA marking, the CE marking was honored until January 1, 2022. As of November 2022, the UK Government decided to extend the recognition of the CE product marking an additional two years allowing businesses to use either UKCA or CE until December 31, 2024.


How to know if the components you’re using are UKCA compliant?

CE and UKCA are applicable to finished products, and typically not the components within a product. This means if you were procuring resistors or ICs you wouldn’t need to be concerned with these markings. However, if you needed to import a product like a power supply for your design, the power supply would need to comply with UKCA or CE (until 2024). SiliconExpert provides documentation, if applicable, for products that meet CE and UKCA qualifications as shown below for a power supply.

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This information is provided in SiliconExpert’s Part Search and is available on the “Technical” tab.

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