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SiliconExpert has partnered with leading companies, such as PTC, EMA, and Zuken to embed our native software into design engineering tools such as Windchill, OrCAD, and more. By staying close to the engineers, we can now serve them directly in their design and PLM environment.

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What is SiliconExpert CONNECT?

Identify the potentials risks within your design and components library through SiliconExpert’s embedded service. SiliconExpert CONNECT keeps your data clean and allows you to stay one step ahead of the risks.

View Your Part and Search for Form-Fit-Function Cross References

Find all known form-fit-function (FFF) cross-references and supplier replacements for a Manufacturer Part Number (MPN).

Identify High-Risk Parts and BOM Grade

SiliconExpert CONNECT analyzes your BOM by identifying parts that might put your design at risk. With the click of a button, our proprietary algorithms will give you a thorough risk review by part and provide you with cross reference replacement parts.

Validate RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Mineral Compliance

Regulatory tools to confirm that parts are up to industry standards and in-compliant.

View a Sample BOM Demo Report?

Download this free sample BOM grade report to view how SiliconExpert helps identify the potentials risks within your design and components library.

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SiliconExpert Partner Solutions

SiliconExpert partners are revolutionizing best practices for product and supply chain management. Data integration with SiliconExpert takes these EDA, PLM, RFQ and Compliance tools to the next level by allowing customers to access cross-references, component obsolescence management, REACH, and RoHS compliance, and product datasheets.


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