Strategic Cost Management within the Supply Chain

Cost management is a value that extends all areas of the organization. Purchasing and supply management are traditionally tasked with driving or leading an organization cost management strategy and process in that costs of purchased goods and services makes up 50 percent or more of the cost of sales of most manufacturers today. 

SiliconExpert has a complete solution to help every organization effectively centralize the visibility, procurement, pricing, and commodity management across their entire supply chain.  

  • Increase savings by consolidating pricing and negotiations
  • No more unwieldy spreadsheet management, emailing of files, or manually creating reports for management
  • Reduce duplicate part numbers by giving Engineering a portal to access commodity data
  • Receive more detailed cost breakdowns from contract manufacturers
  • Get better negotiating position with CMs and distributors

Cost Management Solutions

Click the links below to learn more about SiliconExpert's Cost Management Management Tools:

  • Part Search:  Navigate through inventory and pricing.
  • Part Details: Supply Chain
  • BOM Reports: Multi-sourcing, Availability, Pricing and Leadtime
  • BOM Export, Pricing and Leadtime information
  • Alerts: Product Mfg Changes, Documentation Updates
  • Cost Manager