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Obsolescence is your enemy. Your ally is data intelligence that shows how to avoid it. This is a topic that is persistent and continues to choke the production schedules of products, no matter the industry. Even though the biggest industries at risk are those that have products with grueling certification processes and high costs, even consumer-level products are susceptible to the trauma of a component disappearing from the supply chain. At SiliconExpert, we continuously examine and study what is happening with PCNs, PDNs, EOL notifications and anything else that could derail a manufacturing process. This webinar is the second in a nine-part series highlighting the key coordinates of the SiliconExpert CONNECT family of products that offer Guided, Proven Solutions for product supply chain data management. Join SiliconExpert’s Senior Product Manager, Vern Densler, and Industry Consultant, George Karalias for an informative dialogue about how obsolescence can be mitigated by navigating through valuable supply chain data that may be hiding in plain sight.