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Transim Provides Electrical Designers Flexible, Quick and Easy Online Design Solutions

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Transim Provides Electrical Designers Flexible, Quick and Easy Online Design Solutions

At Transim Technology, our vision is to provide a better experience to electrical designers with quick and easy online design solutions.

Our business structure supports this vision by offering a wide range of design applications and unique software modules, making it very flexible to create your own design center.

Design Center provides customers with..

  • Parametric Product Selector
  • Adaptable design algorithms
  • Powerful and Accurate Simulation Models “Thermal/Electrical”
  • An online platform to Create, Save and Share designs
  • Modeling/Publishing your Models “Content Creation

Analytics and Reporting Business:

Transim provides a complete analytics and reporting management system. It helps our customers build their own reports using our system and it also get alerts through emails.

Automotive Power Simulation:

A web-based simulation tool contains multiple modules to cover the needs of automotive power industry “Motors”

Document Portals:

Managing a large number of catalogs or documents, this system allows you to manage millions of documents and manage search and retrieve data with high performance.

Hardware Management Business:

This business allows you to manage your hardware (Ex. power supplies) through web application and provide you with lots of capabilities to build a routine to automate managing hardware.


  • Wade Hanna, Technical Solutions Manager at SiliconExpert
  • Eslam Ghanem, Professional Services Project Manager at SiliconExpert
  • Khaled Mohammad Khairy, Software Development Manager at SiliconExpert
  • Alhassan Samir, Application Engineer at SiliconExpert

Date: Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Time: 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Duration: 1 hour

Register Today: https://mlps.siliconexpert.com/transim-webinar.html