This service combines factors of geo-location and known risks in a proprietary formula to determine overall supply chain risk score by supplier and part number.



Determine Sub Tier Country of Origin and Location of Diffusion (where silicon is made).



Identify factory locations in impacted regions and assess supply chain impact.



Evaluate how potential testing facility disruptions affect delivery and production lines.

Supplier Map

An intuitive and interactive dashboard that provides key location data:

  • Country of Origin

  • Wafer Fab Sites 

  • Wafer Test Sites 

  • Assembly Site  

  • Final Test Site 

Assembly Site Breakdown


Locate which parts are affected according to a breakdown of multi-site versus single-site assembly facilities. 

Geo Risk Grade


Determine low, medium, and high risk utilizing our supply chain algorithm which can be configured based on supplier factors.

COVID-19 Impacted Parts Status


Identify components impacted by COVID-19 and provide insight to mitigate further risks.

Helping Companies Mitigate Supply Chain Risks

• Library Support & Expedited Clean Up

• Supplier Relations

• 1 Billion Component Library

• Automated Daily Supplier Notifications

• Commodity Analysis

• Secondary Source Reports

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Supplier Impact Free Report

SiliconExpert has been actively developing new tools to support our customers during the Coronavirus Outbreak. We are working with suppliers to assess the impact and have created a Suppliers Impact Report, refreshed weekly.

Coronavirus Impact Updates

Collecting critical data, identifying the impacts on the supply chain, assessing geo risk score on multiple levels are some of the key initiatives that SiliconExpert is taking monitor the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Latest Blogs on Covid-19

As the global leader in parts management and data analysis, SiliconExpert has quickly responded to the Coronavirus Outbreak and provided up-to-date information on how the pandemic impacts on the supply chain.