Live Webinar | Supply Chain Survival Guide: Procurement in the Age of Supply Chain Challenges | July 20 | 10:00 AM EST

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Learn More About The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act and Its Implications

06th Jul 2022
The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act has come into force to ensure that goods made with forced labor in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (XUAR) of the People’s Republic of China do not enter the United States market.

Webinar-Supply Chain Survival Guide: How to Prepare for an Unpredictable Supply Chain

30th Jun 2022
Get a glimpse into early predictions of what tomorrow’s supply chain management might look like, and how you can prepare. Gary Ortiz shares how he reads the supply chain landscape for clues on safely steering home audio powerhouse Sonos, Inc. away from the disruptions of today, and towards a secure future.

Supply Chain Survival Guide: Procurement in the Age of Supply Chain Challenges

20th Jul 2022
Procurement has become the epicenter of the 3rd year of the pandemic with covid closings, raw material shortages, talent gaps, supplier attrition, inflation, and a European conflict.

Webinar-P5 Foundations-The P5 Platform Overview I

12th Jul 2022
Learn about the 5 P's and the value that P5 brings to a cross-functional team bringing products to market. Understand the job roles that P5 serves and the kinds of information that is available from its database of over one billion parts.

Webinar-P5 Foundations: The P5 Platform Overview II

19th Jul 2022
The benefit of SiliconExpert analytics begins the moment you log in. Learn today how to get the most out of your experience with SiliconExpert – from business usage analytics, managing alerts on your parts and BOMs, viewing industry news, learning about our training and community resources.

Webinar-Zuken-SiliconExpert-What To Do When One Component Threatens Your Build

27th Jun 2022
Component shortages have always been part of electronic design. Historically, it is not a question of if but when the next component shortage will hit. To make matters worse, the time between cycles of shortage and abundance is decreasing. This webinar focuses on techniques to help make effective substitutions as well as the tools and services to help identify potentially at-risk components in your design.

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