Choose The Right Part at The Right Time

In the fast-growing technology era, companies typically fall victim to unplanned redesigns, vulnerability of shortages, lack of years to end of life information, supply chain risks, or under-fulfilled demand situations.  Choosing the right part at the right time, managing the risks associated with component lifecycles, or weighing whether or not part numbers will last the whole lifecycle of a product is never an easy task. You and your team must balance product quality, costs and functionality with specifications, regulation requirements and an obsolescence plan that factor both immediate and long-term component end of life.

With SiliconExpert's comprehensive Part Database of over 1 billion components and its robust parametric search, finding and selecting the right part at the right time is a click away. From design to supply chain, enterprises benefit from many feature sets offered by our GPS - Guided, Proven Solutions. 

SiliconExpert's tools give you quick and easy access to detailed information on millions of parts, helping save time and resources while boosting your business profitability.

With a trusted and up-to-date database over a billion components, SiliconExpert offers access to everything you need to make smarter decisions, faster. 

Market Availability, Pricing, and

Lead Time Solutions

Through SiliconExpert BOM Risk Report, Part Search, Part Detail, Parametric Search, and Alert System, you can find out which components are available, their end-of-life (EOL) status or shortage/lead-time risk. You can also confirm the reliability of multiple sources. SiliconExpert's BOM Manager information system is updated faster than any other source. 

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