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Commercial to Military Reporting Now Available - October 2022
Pricing and Lead Time added to the Download of Multi-Sourcing Report - September 2022
Part and Parametric Search Updates - August 2022
Event Browser added to Supply Chain Risk Management (SCRM) - August 2022
Multi-BOM Reporting, Radiation Hardness, Mil-Specs - July 2022
New Types of Crosses - June 2022
Military Document Search - May 2022
Market Availability Inventory Alerts - April 2022

The Most Data in the Business

Leverage the largest global database of parts to transform your product design. 1 billion parts and counting!

More Data = More Alternatives

Easily identify parts at risk and find alternatives to reduce your risk of supply chain disruption. Incorporating this data into the early design phase will ensure your product gets to market with minimal redesigns and inventory issues.


You'll never have to search for PCN's or compliance regulations again. Get relevant information in a single dashboard.

RoHS & Lifecycle in a Single View

Plug in your BOM and get a simplified overview of your parts' compliance adherence, lifecycle risk and an estimate of years to end-of-life (EOL), as well as the number of direct matching alternatives and inventory levels.

Predictive Intelligence

Machine learning algorithms help you predict lifecycle and supply chain risk before it happens.

Avoid Supply Chain Disruption

Over two decades of data combined with reactions to global disruptions allow us to provide predictions in market fluctuations of inventory levels, lead time, and price. 

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