Compliance Map

Automating Regulatory Compliance Reporting

Making sure your products are sourced responsibly and are compliant with environmental regulations can be a daunting task.  Compliance Map extracts information from SiliconExpert's database of more than one billion parts to automate compliance-related activities.  Save time and energy and know that your reports are up-to-date.

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Better Together: SiliconExpert and Compliance Map Automate Compliance Reporting to Customers and Agencies

Compliance Map

Compliance Map provides software for compliance reporting of bills of materials (BOMs) for dozens of regulations.  They create reports based on their keen understanding of various directives.  Reports are altered and communications sent based on changes to products and material sources.

SiliconExpert API 

SiliconExpert is the data source for intelligent BOMs.  A database of over one billion parts is curated by hundreds of engineers.  This information is accessed programmatically by Compliance Map using the SiliconExpert API.  Scheduled updates and change triggers help ensure that the compliance reporting is current.

Report on Your BOMs

Use the BoM Tree to pull compliance information from SiliconExpert for your BOM.  No more chasing down compliance information from suppliers and manufacturers.  SiliconExpert's engineers have done that for you.  

Product Compliance Dashboard

Information is aggregated from internal sources such as product life cycle management tools and enterprise resource planning systems.  Compliance Map combines this with the information retrieved from SiliconExpert to provide full material disclosures for products.

Generate Reports

Having compiled all of the product information, Compliance Map acts as a rules engine to produce reports to satisfy regulatory compliance.  Dozens of regulations are covered, including REACH, RoHS, Prop65 and SCIP.  The reports are generated using industry standards and custom formats.

Update Reports Automatically

Compliance information in SiliconExpert is constantly curated by hundreds of engineers who have spent years cultivating relationships with suppliers and manufacturers to bring quality compliance information on millions of parts.  As this information gets updated in the SiliconExpert database, it is pulled into Compliance Map where updates to reports are generated automatically.

Additional Benefits of
SiliconExpert API Services

Compliance Map is able to pull in more than just environmental and chemical information from SiliconExpert's database.  Manufacturing and life cycle data are programmatically accessible through the SiliconExpert API.  Pricing, end-of-life expectancy and lead times are a few examples of the available information that you can use to enhance your BOM intelligence.

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Download the Sample BOM Report