Bay-Soft PDM and Price Quoting

Lower Your Costs by Finding the Best Price

SiliconExpert offers a repository of parts data, curated by hundreds of electronics engineers and enhanced through machine learning to provide current information.

This information is directly importable into the Bay-2 Technology Database, where the latest price information is shared with ERP and E-CAD systems.

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Better Together: SiliconExpert and Bay-Soft Find the Best Price for Your Parts


Bay-Soft Bay-2 Quote pricing software and the integrated best-price engine make it possible to quickly determine the best prices for hundreds of components from various worldwide distributors. EMS and OEM companies with the best prices and pricing information (price scales, availability, technical features, etc.) have the best chance of being at the forefront of the electronics market.


SiliconExpert API Services

Bay-Soft uses SiliconExpert API Services to programmatically retrieve parts information for storage in the Bay-2 technology Database.  The SiliconExpert components database is curated by hundreds of electronics engineers whose relationships with suppliers and manufacturers make it possible to have the latest information at your fingertips.  Bay-Soft connects that information to ERP systems and ECAD tools where strategic product decisions are made.

Bay-2 OEM

Search for parts in SiliconExpert's curated database of over one billion parts.  Add those parts to your Technology Database where they can be used in conjunction with ERP and E-CAD systems.

Bay-2 EMS

Electronics manufacturing services companies can gain a competitive advantage by automating component price comparisons.  Best prices are quickly and seamlessly brought into ERP applications from the trusted SiliconExpert database.  Native integration means never having to leave the tool you are working in.

Comprehensive Parts Information

Information on price, availability compliance as well as form, fit and function specifications are shared from SiliconExpert's database of over one billion parts.  The latest parts information is brought into the Technology Database where the parts information in bills of materials and the approved manufacturers and components in the ERP system are linked.

Secure Your Intellectual Property

Uploading a bill of materials to the cloud for analysis is not a possibility for all organizations.  Some security protocols mandate that the information remain on-premises.  Bay-Soft solves this issue by making the Technology Database the intermediary.  Bay-Soft makes cloud queries while confidential information remains on-site.


Additional Benefits of
SiliconExpert API Services

SiliconExpert partners are revolutionizing best practices for product and supply chain management. Data integration with SiliconExpert takes these EDA, PLM, RFQ and Compliance tools to the next level by allowing customers to access cross-references, component obsolescence management, REACH, and RoHS compliance, and product datasheets.

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Download the Sample BOM Report