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Design for Supply Chain to Mitigate Risk

Propel Software transforms the way product companies work by unifying teams, processes, and information to enable collaboration from concept to customer. 

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Better Together: Propel PLM & SiliconExpert API

Propel PLM

Propel helps product companies grow revenue and increase business value. Its product value management (PVM) platform connects commercial and product teams to optimize decision-making, drive process efficiencies, and engage customers with compelling products and experiences.

SiliconExpert API for Propel PLM

Propel uses the SiliconExpert API to retrieve component part information (e.g., availability, risk, compliance, part change notifications) into the Propel environment where it’s used to make timely decisions to improve designs and mitigate risk.

Work Faster. Work Smarter.

Speed product development by unburdening design and component engineers from sourcing and populating component attribute information.

Assure Data Integrity

Optimize decision making with always up-to-date information, automatically populated daily for your AML parts.

Proactively Mitigate Risk

Avoid missteps, increase responsiveness, built in supply chain resilience with component risk persistently assessed within the Propel BOM.

Stay Informed

Retain history of component updates to understand design evolution and to assist sourcing and engineering decision-making.

Stay on Track

Embedded operational reporting monitors compliance, availability, status of SiliconExpert synchronization, and much more.

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