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How our Part Search Tool can help your
engineers, supply chain and buyers:

Search for your part

Search millions of parts from Seimiconductors and Passives to Connectors and Electromechanicals

Cross to other suppliers

Cross references are grouped into distinct categories and we identify upgrades and downgrades

Compare several options

Easily compare up to 8 parts for their similarities and view their package and parametric differences

Access parametric data

With one click, access datasheets, parametric details, lifecycle status, chemical composition & market availability

Mitigate Obsolescence

Avoid out of stock or costly last time buy situations with PCN alerts, years to end life forecasts, and part risk analysis

Export your selections

Download parametric data, part comparisons and even crosses for entire bills-of-materials

What others have said about Silicon Expert’s Part Search:

Our Component Engineers were able to use the tool to find a replacement component with improved characteristics, a smaller package, lower cost, a longer lifecycle and readily available stock. This search could have potentially spanned one of multiple weeks through phone conversations, publication reviews and internet searches. But because of SiliconExpert's tools, we were able to complete this step in a significantly shorter time span.”

John Starr

Component Engineer - Intermec, Inc

SiliconExpert is cost-effective and user friendly, but the most noteworthy difference is the impact on workflow efficiency, which results in lower soft costs. Using SiliconExpert, the Qualcomm teams are able to get needed data information in one location, preventing the need for web searches and multiple phone calls and emails. It's by far the best tool I've seen.”

Robert Matias

Component Specialist & Staff Manager

In the past, obsolescence data was limited to available/not available stats provided directly by part manufacturers. Parts were selected with little to no insight into their obsolescence lifecycle, leaving the possibility of selecting a soon-to-be obsolete part dangerously high. We’ve seen some nice savings in man hours, rather than going to a bunch of different sources, which is very time consuming, we can often just go to SiliconExpert and get the data we need right away.”

Len Tosto

Engineer - Northrop Gruman

I saw a lot of members of our hardware, design, and manufacturing teams struggling with data identification. Sometimes, they gave up. They did not want to spend that amount of time to get access to the data needed. In the movement to normalize processes, our teams recognized SiliconExpert as the tool that helped them achieve a lot more than they would expect during this data transition phase, it was the right choice… SiliconExpert presented the fastest and best solution.”

Erwan Rivet

Dir. of Engineering of Building Control Sys. - Honeywell