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3 Steps to Resilience with Supply Chain Solutions

SiliconExpert is uniquely positioned to support businesses of all sizes, offering advanced risk mitigation solutions that allow you to protect your production lines and build a culture of resilience.

Designed for Complex Global Operations

Holistic Proactive Risk Mitigation

Advanced intelligence puts you in control of your supply chain

Seize opportunities for optimization with SiliconExpert’s sophisticated supply chain insights and analyses, and better strategize procurement with access to early warnings of shifts in component pricing and scarcity. It all starts with identifying hard-to-find and risky parts to be avoided in the design process, and that’s just the beginning!

Enhanced Agility

Expanded visibility elevates your scenario planning

Gain essential agility with access to actionable intelligence that enable data-driven decisions. With direct mapping of your parts to global events, you get alerts on disruptions like geopolitical risk, natural disasters, and market reactionary behavior affecting your supply chain.

Faster Speed to Market

Optimization makes room for innovation

SiliconExpert’s Supply Chain Solutions allow for optimization of your supply chain, which allows for faster speed to market, increased innovation, and gives your organization valuable advantages in today’s ultra-competitive landscape.

Leverage the POWER of the P5 Platform

Expansive database of part information 25 years in the making and growing daily
Customizable alerts & downloadable reports
Streamlined proactive and reactive risk mitigation
Run dynamic reports for better business insights
Robust BOM management including lifecycle risk
Extensive suite of integrated digital tools
Centralized information source across teams increases overall productivity

Digital Transformation Led by Advanced Technology

SiliconExpert specializes in transforming verified data analytics into actionable intelligence with the help of our proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms, pushing the limits of what’s possible for Industry 4.0.

We Are Invested in Your Success

SiliconExpert boasts a robust Customer Success program... 

Dedicated Account Manager

Customer Success Support Team

Technical Training

Support Ticketing System

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