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December 1, 2021
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Holographic Interaction: From A Galaxy Far, Far Away to Your Everyday Life

Emerging from Sci-Fi and into real life, Holo Industries’ disruptive technology takes the art of holography to a new level by providing an accurate, efficient way to perform any activity normally done on a touch screen or display in mid-air. Holographic Plates combined with proprietary optics, software, and sensors creates Holographic Touch(™), a revolutionary technology that allows interaction with projected images. Through the use of this technology, users can swipe, scroll, spin objects & data — even sign their name — in mid-air.

November 1, 2021
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Consider this a Master Class on Obsolescence Management.

Experiencing something that will teach a lesson is usually acceptable. Obsolescence is not one of those things. Bjoern Bartels shares his experiences and real world realities. These realities have enhanced best practices for AMSYS by providing the Life Cycle Management (LCM) Client Software. With programmatic access to SiliconExpert’s data in combination with relevant individual company internal resources and data, AMSYS LCM Client has evolved to be the customized processes solution to manage the risk of obsolescence. A persons’ quick decision in mission critical situations requires experienced proactive case management capabilities. Bjoern will tell you why!

September 30, 2021
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Cost Control That Makes A Difference Without Compromise

Bay-Soft Bay-2 Quote pricing software and the integrated best-price engine make it possible to quickly determine the best prices for hundreds of components from various worldwide distributors. EMS and OEM companies with the best prices and pricing information (price scales, availability, technical features, etc.) have the best chance of being at the forefront of the electronics market.

August 27, 2021
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Avoid the Surprises – In Constant Vigilance of Your Suppliers and Analytics

Sonos reveals the secrets to a smooth and consistently running production line. When a supply chain breaks down, what signs and signals were missed and how can visibility be ‘crystal clear’ going forward.

August 5, 2021
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Quuppa and The Emergence of Indoor Tracking Technology and Its Purpose

Do you know what it’s like to need something and not know where it is?  Quuppa doesn’t.  Their real-time indoor positioning system keeps track of everything from equipment to people to hockey pucks! Quuppa makes sure that the things you need are available when you need them, backed by data that will create efficiencies that lead to profits. More recently, they’ve even helped keep people safe. Uses for this technology are moving from siloed, emergency situations like COVID-19 contact tracing to broader scopes across a company’s operations. Listen to Fabio Belloni talk about staying productive during a global pandemic by leveraging Industry 4.0.

Upcoming Podcasts

Pulling a Glass of Drinking Water out of Thin Air

Guest Speaker: Cody Soodeen 

Imagine being able to have a drink of pure, filtered, crystal clear water without spending a dime on five gallon refill jugs or having to toss a plastic bottle in the recycle bin afterwards. Cody’s start-up has developed the technology to do this. And he talks about all the mistakes a technology company should watch out for when designing a system!

A Look at Edge AI and Vision Alliance

Guest Speaker: Jeff Bier

Jeff Bier, President of BDTI, talks about the Alliance and predicts the future impact of practical computer vision technology in a diversity of systems and associated software.

Holographic Interaction in the real world

Guest Speaker: Glenn ImObersteg

From R2D2 projecting Princess Leia’s hologram to Tony Stark’s HUDs, holographs have only existed in art and entertainment. Now, partly out of necessity, companies like Holo Industries are turning fantasy into reality.

Digital Disruptions Starts with
Humanized Data

Personalization and smart interaction design are key features of tomorrow’s technology market leaders, and those technologies bring data to the human level. Join us as we explore the want, need, value and strategies that are enabling human progress through more data-driven technologies.

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