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July 30, 2022
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What’s Your Colleague’s Reasoning? Engineering and Procurement Need to Sync

In the past, the phrase ‘Not my Job’ may have been the norm. But today, with shortages and disruptions happening more and more frequently, an Engineer and a Procurement Manager needs to be acutely aware of each other’s needs and justifications. The new phrase is: ‘Walk a Mile in My Shoes.’ At the end of the day, your production and manufacturing need to be uninterrupted and efficient in order to keep everyone happy.

July 1, 2022
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Smart Manufacturing: Quickly Implemented and Useful!

Smart Manufacturing helps factories achieve world-class performance by driving data-based continuous improvement across production and plant management. But, how does a company implement a useful digital transformation that happens quickly and shows an ROI that gets attention? With a different kind of solution for the real-world needs of discrete manufacturers, L2L is a company that offers modules that eliminate plant floor disruptions and improve throughput. A no-code deployment process is completed within 50 days on average, for unmatched speed to value.

May 26, 2022
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Cookies are Dead! Long Live Geospatial and Predictive Analytics!

The phrase “Know Your Customer” is entering a whole new level of intensity. No, it’s not going to compromise privacy. But it is going to drastically reduce or strategically redirect advertising and lead gen marketing budgets. In this episode, Ken Sheehan reveals how KnoWhere, LLC provides actionable geospatial and predictive business intelligence by leveraging a unique mix of typical and atypical methodologies and data.

April 29, 2022
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The 'CHIPS Act' - Why Congress Needs to Pass It

Passage of the “CHIPS for America ACT” could mean a lot of things to the semiconductor industry in the United States, all of them good! Patrick, who is an Army reservist, Iraq War veteran, former Congressional and administration staffer who also led the DC office for the Semiconductor Industry Association, explains in detail the reasons for the Act, why it’s happening and how it will influence the United State’s place on the global semiconductor industry stage.

March 30, 2022
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The Government View of the Semiconductor Industry

Patrick’s experiences are far reaching and unusual for a tech lobbyist. He’s an Army reservist and Iraq War veteran, former Congressional and administration staffer who also led the DC office for the Semiconductor Industry Association; he even helped to tackle counterfeit component imports with our US Customs & Border Protection. He has a refreshingly candid view and deep understanding of the relationship between Capitol Hill, the semiconductor industry and the rapidly changing global stage that will affect us all; industry and consumer alike.

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Building Boards and Helping Cancer Patients.

Guest Speaker: Kevin Devine and Liam Holt

The electronics industry can be vicious, especially in Contract Manufacturing. Resiliency is a necessary trait to have during ups and downs, shifts in the market, twists and turns in running companies and, more often than we care to see, health scares. Kevin Devine and Liam Holt are partners, but more importantly, friends that have each other’s back. Both have had their share of success, but not without the challenges that come from running an electronics industry business. This is their story. They’ve managed to not only build a great company but also discover a way to help those in need that are fighting cancer. 

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Personalization and smart interaction design are key features of tomorrow’s technology market leaders, and those technologies bring data to the human level. Join us as we explore the want, need, value and strategies that are enabling human progress through more data-driven technologies.

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