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April 29, 2022
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The 'CHIPS Act' - Why Congress Needs to Pass It

Passage of the “CHIPS for America ACT” could mean a lot of things to the semiconductor industry in the United States, all of them good! Patrick, who is an Army reservist, Iraq War veteran, former Congressional and administration staffer who also led the DC office for the Semiconductor Industry Association, explains in detail the reasons for the Act, why it’s happening and how it will influence the United State’s place on the global semiconductor industry stage.

March 30, 2022
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The Government View of the Semiconductor Industry

Patrick’s experiences are far reaching and unusual for a tech lobbyist. He’s an Army reservist and Iraq War veteran, former Congressional and administration staffer who also led the DC office for the Semiconductor Industry Association; he even helped to tackle counterfeit component imports with our US Customs & Border Protection. He has a refreshingly candid view and deep understanding of the relationship between Capitol Hill, the semiconductor industry and the rapidly changing global stage that will affect us all; industry and consumer alike.

February 25, 2022
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Value Engineering Can Save You Millions and Volker Will Tell You How

From inventing the 10-megabit ethernet switch to saving millions of dollars at Honeywell, Volker Ebert has a lot to say about Value Engineering and Component Engineering. Volker’s mission is to make sure everyone knows how to keep new product introductions and manufacturing production plants from experiencing excess costs or unnecessary interruptions.

February 1, 2022
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Pulling a Glass of Drinking Water out of Thin Air

Imagine being able to have a drink of pure, filtered, crystal clear water without spending a dime on five gallon refill jugs or having to toss a plastic bottle in the recycle bin afterwards. Cody Soodeen’s start-up, Kara Water (www.karawater.com), has developed the technology to do this. He tells about all the mistakes a young technology company should watch out for when designing and manufacturing a new product!

January 1, 2022
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Edge AI and Vision-Enabled Products: The Reality Behind the Glamour

The process of creating a product using computer vision and AI can result in anything from an autonomous car to a self-checkout at a concession stand. The constant, regardless of how glamorous or mundane the product, is the need for a lot of preparation, labor, …and data. Lots of data. In this episode, hear what’s happening with edge computing today from those working in the engineering trenches. The emergence of AI or vision-enabled products is growing exponentially. Along with insights and advice from Phil Lapsley and Jeff Bier of consulting firm BDTI, you’ll find out how to get involved with the visual AI community.

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Guest Speaker: Ken Sheehan 

It’s come to the point where spatial data and hyper targeting has made the gap between product and consumer nearly non-existent. There are hidden patterns in a company’s data. Opportunity to exploit those patterns often remains locked away. Unfortunately, most companies don’t have the time or ability to perform sophisticated analysis required to unlock hidden opportunity. Data manipulation and coalescence will reveal all.

Component Manufacturing and how to make it work for you

Guest Speaker: Kevin Devine and Liam Holt

A few of the most common contract manufacturing issues include: Supply chain disruption, quality control, lacking knowledge of production techniques, intellectual property risks, poorly communicated requirements, and increased liability. Navigating through all the obstacles can make or break the destiny of a product.

Digital Disruptions Starts with
Humanized Data

Personalization and smart interaction design are key features of tomorrow’s technology market leaders, and those technologies bring data to the human level. Join us as we explore the want, need, value and strategies that are enabling human progress through more data-driven technologies.

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