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June 22, 2021
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Zuken says: “The Chip Shortage is going to be with us for a while.”

Tariffs, embargoes, natural disasters and a pandemic has wreaked havoc on a supply chain that serves an ever-growing demand for electronics. Whether you’re planning a trip to the grocery store or to Mars, you’ll need microchips to help you get there. Nikola Kontic has spent decades in the electronics industry dealing with disruptions to the supply chain and formulating strategies to successfully navigate shocks. Today, he talks with us about the disruptions of the past year: where the trouble lies and how to avoid it.

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Quuppa Discusses the Emergence of Indoor Positioning Systems and Their Purpose

Guest Speaker: Fabio Belloni

Do you know what it’s like to need something and not know where it is? Quuppa doesn’t. Their real-time indoor positioning system keep track of everything from equipment to people.

Avoid the Surprises – In Constant Vigilance of Your Suppliers and Analytics

Guest Speaker: Gary Ortiz

Sonos reveals the secrets to a smooth and consistently running production line. When a supply chain breaks down, what signs and signals were missed and how can visibility be ‘crystal clear’ going forward.

Cost Control That Makes A Difference in Profit Margins Without Compromising Security

Guest Speaker: Admir Kovacevic

Cost Control That Makes A Difference in Profit Margins Without Compromising the Human Element.

Digital Disruptions Starts with
Humanized Data

Personalization and smart interaction design are key features of tomorrow’s technology market leaders, and those technologies bring data to the human level. Join us as we explore the want, need, value and strategies that are enabling human progress through more data-driven technologies.

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