Component Planning Starts with Design

The Product Design engineering process should never underestimate the importance of component verification and supply chain management. The reality of designing a product with components that will soon be obsolete or at risk of long lead times can be stressful and costly.

From compliance with federal, international and state regulations to the mitigation of obsolescence, to elimination of the risk of components from the counterfeit trade market and establishing proper taxonomy of components, diligence and strategic management should start at the design phase.  An optimized design process flow includes accurate and real-time information directly feeding into your existing design enablement platforms.

For Successful design (zero board spins), an engineer must:

  1. have access to upfront component data.
  2. ensure parts are selected based on the level of risk vs lowest price.
  3. leverage an integrated Approved Parts List.
  4. “scrub” a BOM prior to final release.

Executing these steps will improve productivity and efficiency across the organization, and ensure time-to-market.

Through the SiliconExpert CONNECT suite of data intelligence integrations, parts management becomes a breeze.  Designers, Component Engineers, and Supply Chain Managers will have instant access to real-time data, enabling them to make better decisions, faster, without ever having to leave the tools they work in every day.

Product Design Solutions

Through SiliconExpert BOM Analysis, Part detail, Alert System, and Continuous Data Updates, you can learn which components are at high risk for product change notification (PCN) and end-of-life (EOL) or availability shortages. You can also confirm the reliability of multiple sources. SiliconExpert's obsolescence management information system is updated faster than any other source. Your Product Design will be ready for production as soon as you hand it off to your Supply Chain Manager!

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