BOM Manager Product Screenshots

Manage Bill of Materials in one Centralized Location

Centralize management of BOMs to find duplicates and to keep component data as fresh as possible. BOM Manager keeps the integrity of all uploaded BOMs and analyzes the internal part number to orderable part number relationships through sophisticated data reports.

Manage Bill of Materials

Organize BOMS within folders.

BOM Manager learns from your scrubbing actions and fixes them automatically the next time a BOM is uploaded.

Scrub BOMs and Populate Data

BOM Manager fixes common data errors in uploaded bill of materials automatically (such as incorrect & partial part numbers & acquired manufacturer names). Any manual editing can be done through an easy to use interface. Once scrubbed, SiliconExpert automatically adds additional data for the part numbers uploaded.

Scrub Bill of Materials

BOM Manager automatically corrects invalid and old component data .

If needed, easily scrub any part manually.

See User uploaded parts and associated SiliconExpert data automatically added side by side.

Email Alerts for Part Data Updates

Over time, components become obsolete, datasheets get updated, manufacturers acquire each other and PCNs are issued. BOM Manager tracks all activity for electronic components within your bill of materials and sends email alerts as changes occur.

Product Change Notifications (PCNs)

Alert Histories keep track of all emails sent to the user.

Specify types of updates to receive alerts on & email addresses to send them to.

Advanced BOM Reports

Run advanced data reports on components in uploaded bill of materials to check BOM health, multi-sourcing options, lifecycle trending, inventory availability and regulation compliance. BOM Manager makes it easy to analyze associated component data and export it as needed.

Bill of Materials Reporting

Download any report to excel.

Premade reports give you insights into your BOM.

Export BOM Data to Multiple Formats

Customize a comprehensive BOM report with the fields that matter to your business. Categorized sections make it easy organize the output file.

Export Electronic Component Data

Export all related data to components into multiple formats.

Pick and choose data points to customize the exported file.

Grade the Health of Every BOM

SiliconExpert's BOM Grading tool evaluates the health of your BOM to help you avoid obsolescence, environmental, multi-sourcing and supply chain risk. The highest risk components are flagged so you know exactly where to concentrate your mitigation efforts.

Bill of Materials Grade

Overall BOM Grade.

Broken down to four categories: lifecycle, multi-sourcing, environmental, inventory risk.

Automated Part Recommendations

Advanced algorithms offer recommendations for alternate components that could increase your BOM grades. High risk components are highlighted giving you the option to take SiliconExpert’s recommendation or conduct your own component research.

Supply Chain Risk Management

Cross-reference recommended parts with original high risk parts.

Compare part descriptions and data sheets to ensure a perfect match.

Take action and proactively solve high risk parts with crosses.

The BOM Manager tool is very user friendly

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