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Billions of Electronic Components in one database

Instant access the data you need to make better decisions with an easy-to-use search bar. Easily search partial or complete orderable part numbers inside SiliconExpert's database of 1 Billion electronic components, including: including passives, semiconductors, and electrometrical components.

Take a look inside SiliconExpert Part Search to preview the wide range of information available to help you make better decisions, faster. Featured below you can preview our comprehensive view of each electronic component, form-fit-function cross references, environmental regulatory compliance, obsolescence management, and advanced parametric search.

Electronic Component Part Search results

Search using partial, complete description, or family entries.

Use smart filters to easily find the component you are looking for.

Results listed in an easy-to-read table format.

Comprehensive View of Electronic Components

SiliconExpert maintains deep electronic component data for the parts in its database, including: parametric, package, regulation compliance data, obsolescence forecasts, component risk, datasheet histories and inventory from authorized distributors. Compare up to 8 electronic components side-by-side to simplify decision making.

Electronic components details

Last check date shows you our confidence in data freshness.

Data organized into categories for easy use.

Form-fit-function Cross References

SiliconExpert automatically searches for parametric similarities between components to find form-fit-function equivalents. 1 Billion electronic components can be searched parametrically, through partial part number entries or description searches with their cross references listed side by side.

Form-fit-function Cross References

Easily compare the original component with up to 7 crosses.

Crosses are categorized by how well they all match the original part.

Environmental Regulatory Compliance

Easily identify components at risk and gain insight into electronic component lifecycle status, multi-sourcing, available inventory and predicted years to end of life data.

Environmental and regulatory compliance

Both at a glance and detailed views for RoHS, REACH compliance info and more.

Obsolescence Management

Identify non-compliant components with data for environmental and governmental legislations such as REACH, RoHS, WEEE & Conflict Minerals.

Obsolescence Management

Easily see a components' overall risk analysis.

Find years to end of life and alternate sourcing data.

Advanced Parametric Search

Up to 42 parametric values per product line are maintained in SiliconExpert's database. Find the components you are looking for by filtering using multiple parametric values. Boolean searches are accepted for even faster searching for our advanced users.

Advanced Parametric Search

Filter through up to 42 different parametric features to find the electronic components you are looking for.


SiliconExpert's BOM Manager has had an immediate impact on the way our component engineers review BOMs and seek second sources.
John Starr
Component Engineer