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The Counterfeit Conundrum: 5 Best Practices for Mitigating Counterfeit Issues in the Electronics Industry

Industry white paper highlighting proven strategies to limit the impact of counterfeiting issues in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Counterfeits White Paper Abstract

Electronic component counterfeiting is on the rise. The global nature of electronic supply chains has lead to more opportunities for counterfeiters to pass off fake and refurbished parts as genuine articles. There are a number of steps that the electronics manufacturing industry can take to mitigate counterfeiting issues, including:

  • Developing proper procurement policies
  • Improving part inspection and working with test laboratories
  • Properly managing and heeding government-issued alerts
  • Improving collaboration with the rest of the industry

This paper will demonstrate how adopting these practices can help combat counterfeiting issues in the electronics manufacturing industry and improve component confidence for manufacturers, resellers, and end customers alike.


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