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P5 Foundations: Part Search III - Ep05

Welcome to the best way to learn about SiliconExpert’s P5 Platform.

Your cross-functional team will be able to use the data and tools we offer to assist in bringing products to market.

Hear from SiliconExpert Account Manager, Annamarie Reigel, about all of the information available in SiliconExpert’s database of more than one billion parts. Annamarie will show you how to use various filtering techniques to quickly find the information needed to make better decisions.

Understand the taxonomy and learn tips and techniques for managing parts information..

Attendees of the webinar will learn more about the following:

  • Part Detail Tabs
    • Taxonomy, Description, Image, etc
    • Lifecycle Status, etc
    • Technical
    • Compliance
    • Supply Chain
  • And more!

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