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New Risk Assessment Tool from SiliconExpert and EMA Design Automation Prevents BOM Rejection

SiliconExpert, a world leader in electronic component databases and parts information alongside EMA Design Automation, an innovator in the development of electronic product design solutions and methodologies, announced the first product of their collaboration: SiliconExpert CONNECT BOM Risk for OrCAD.

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Aug. 12, 2019 – PRLog — Through advanced collaboration, SiliconExpert and EMA Design Automation feed real-time component information, drawn from over a billion components, straight to a design engineer’s desktop.  This integrated CAD tool intelligence is designed to allow a design engineer to make the right component selection the first time based on component availability, compliance, risk, and obsolescence criteria, preventing unnecessary BOM rejection and re-spins.

“Engineers can now leverage real-time data from SiliconExpert without leaving their OrCAD design environment,” said Manny Marcano, president, EMA Design Automation.  “This finally provides engineers access to the same data supply chain and procurement professionals rely on to validate engineering BOMs. Now, they can make educated part decisions upfront, preventing late-stage design changes due to downstream BOM rejection.”

SiliconExpert CONNECT BOM Risk is the first of many integrated applications to be delivered between SiliconExpert and EMA Design Automation in their mission to fully optimize electronic product design.

“Our goal is to meet engineers in the tools they work in every day and give them unique and valuable features/functionality to optimize design time,” said Martin Chatterton, director and general manager of SiliconExpert.  “The dynamic data intelligence of SiliconExpert CONNECT BOM Risk gives companies the ability to build better, budget-conscious products the first time.”

For more information: https://go.ema-eda.com/SE-Connect-BOM-Risk

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