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SilconExpert Offers FREE Supply Chain Market Impacts Reports

Cambridge, MA – June 22, 2022:  SiliconExpert, a leading provider of electronic and mechanical supply chain component intelligence and services is offering industry stakeholders free supply chain market impact reports.  Understanding the extent of market volatility in play today due to numerous geopolitical and natural catastrophes, SiliconExpert is extending an arm of support for those businesses and people struggling with the downstream impacts these disruptors are having on global supply chain.

With over 20 years of focused product and services enabling strategic supply chain risk mitigation and management, SiliconExpert monitors daily and provides real-time AI and statistically driven insights on inventory levels, shipment lead times, supplier availability, transportation capacities as well as strategic, long-term risk assessment of raw materials, key components and manufacturers located in and around the areas of incidence.

“So many stakeholders understand global supply chain, for everything, is in disarray.  They see the external indicators by way of price inflation and inventory shortages, but they don’t know exactly how these market disruptors are directly and indirectly affecting or will affect their business” says Martin Chatterton, Vice President, and General Manager, SiliconExpert. “Supply chain market data and the insights from that data are key to establishing levers of control to make changes to draw a healthy balance between expenditure, service, and opportunity. With our free supply chain market impact reports, we seek to show industry players the power of data-driven decisions.”

“Supply chain market data and the insights from that data are key. […] With our free supply chain market impact reports, we seek to show industry players
the power of data-driven decisions.”

Martin Chatterton, Vice President & General Manager | SiliconExpert

SiliconExpert announced today their new site hosting ungated, free supply chain market impact reporting. These reports and insights are refreshed weekly and deliver critical information on raw materials, components, and suppliers being impacted by today’s most prevalent and invasive global events.  Today, you will find impact reports related to the Russia/Ukraine conflict, China/Taiwan divide, and continual COVID19 shutdowns and labor issues.  For those looking for a custom view of the risk or impact related to their direct bill of materials, SiliconExpert also offers custom analysis with over 20 areas of focus.

To get your free impact report, download at https://www.siliconexpert.com/impacts/

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Founded in 2000, SiliconExpert helps ensure companies design and maintain sustainable products with transformative visibility to their supply chain.  With 500 electrical, software and data engineers handcrafting its component database, SiliconExpert delivers one of the most comprehensive intelligence tool and professional services portfolio in the industry. Customers globally use SiliconExpert’s solutions to manage risk, avoid redesigns, and mitigate obsolescence in innovative industries, such as consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, medical and aerospace, among others. SiliconExpert customers include leading commercial and government OEMs, top-tier authorized distributors, contract manufacturers and component suppliers.