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SiliconExpert Teams with AMSYS LCM to Deliver Secure, Real-Time, Accurate Component Information Solutions


CAMBRIDGE, Mass.Nov. 18, 2020PRLog — “The viability of components – either needed for production or as spare parts – is constantly being influenced by external circumstances.  To help keep costs down and reliability high, producing companies and maintenance firms need to know about changes that affect their supply chains as soon as they happen,” said Bjoern Bartels, managing director, AMSYS GmbH.

Through SiliconExpert’s application programming interface (API), AMSYS securely retrieves real-time, accurate component information, drawn from a database of over a billion components, straight into AMSYS’s LCM solution.  Information regarding the availability, environmental compliance and possible replacements is brought directly into the AMSYS LCM Client to help identify potential risks and work through issues to find optimal solutions.

Internal customer data in the LCM Client Risk Management Module, such as stock levels, impact assessments and multi-level system configurations, are directly matched with the SiliconExpert database to assess individual risk levels.  Eight-year forecasts on part obsolescence status allow engineers to evaluate possible replacements to proactively manage risks.  Management of obsolescence cases are automated in the LCM Client Obsolescence Management Module. Processes are individually mapped pursuant to the IEC 62402, with full traceability of the actions taken.

“The SiliconExpert API offers a way for our customers to bring dynamic component information from a trusted source and make it part of their user experience,” said Martin Chatterton, vice president and general manager of SiliconExpert.  “This provides end customers the benefit of up-to-date information without ever having to leave their chosen environment.”

To learn more, visit https://www.siliconexpert.com/partners/amsys/

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Founded in 2000, SiliconExpert helps ensure companies design and maintain sustainable products with transformative visibility to their supply chain.  With 400 electrical, software and data engineers handcrafting its component database, SiliconExpert delivers one of the most comprehensive intelligence tool and professional services portfolio in the industry. Customers globally use SiliconExpert’s solutions to manage risk, avoid redesigns, and mitigate obsolescence in innovative industries such as, but not limited to, consumer electronics, telecommunications, automotive, medical and aerospace. SiliconExpert customers include leading commercial and government OEMs, top-tier authorized distributors, contract manufacturers and component suppliers.

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