Upcoming Webinar - The Dangers of a False Sense of Security in Supply Chain | June 21 @ 1:00 pm EDT

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AMSYS and SiliconExpert Q&A

AMSYS and SiliconExpert Address Your Immediate Concerns About Electronic Component Supply

Addressing Your Immediate Concerns About Electronic Component Supply

We are two years into Covid disruptions, supply chain upheavals and now an Eastern European War that affects key raw materials in semiconductor production. How does a company keep their product manufacturing moving forward? The answer isn’t simple but having up to the minute information on ever-evolving situations is critical.

Obsolescence management experts Bjoern Bartels and Oliver Hoffman will discuss what you need to know to keep production lines humming in these challenging times.

Bjoern and Oliver always have plenty to talk about.  But, for this session, they are going to be basing their conversation on your direct feedback on our social media polls.


  • Bjoern Bartels, Managing Director at AMSYS
  • Oliver Hoffmann, EMEA Director at SiliconExpert

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